COVID-19 Doggie Health Updates
COVID-19 Doggie Health Updates

COVID-19 Doggie Health Updates

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks here at StinkyPup.

  • Sun., March 29 — We had a dog fight during evening party time. Geri jumped Allie and then all of the black girls (Allie, Axel-Runtly, & Siren) jumped Geri. Girl fight! While this was happening, Timber decided to jump Yukon, and Kraken and some other boys jumped in. Boy fight!While Greg was breaking up fights, Ilana was inside the house trying to get Nikki to eat and didn’t hear the commotion.  Thankfully, only one dog was injured. Our evening was spent driving Geri to the Kawartha Vet Emergency Clinic in Peterborough — which is a 1.5 hour drive one way.Due to COVID-19, we were not allowed into the clinic. We dropped Geri off in-between glass doors– where she was picked up and attended to. We waited in the car and corresponded with the clinic by phone.Geri was stitched up and had a drain put in.
  • Wed., April 1 — Geri ripped out her drain in the morning because Ilana forgot to put her cone back on immediately after eating.Greg took Geri to our local vet who had a look and instructed us to come back the next morning so he could stitch it back up.
  • Thurs., April 2 — Geri gets stitched back up.
  • Fri., April 3 — Nikki is rapidly declining and we decide to have her euthanized at our local vet.In the morning, Cozzy pooped out plastic and vomited plastic; He can’t stand that well– we think he got dizzy/dehydrated from puking and are concerned that the plastic punctured something internal.Friday evening Cozzy is stumbling, can’t walk, and doesn’t want to eat. We drive to the emergency vet in Peterborough, where once again we drop him off and wait in the car.  Cozzy is diagnosed with vestibular disease (same thing as vertigo in humans). He is  given anti-nausea medication (Cerenia) and put on metronidazole for diarrhea.
  • Sat., April 4 — Cozzy is the same.
  • Sun., April 5 — Cozzy is feeling a tad bit better ????
  • Wed., April 8 — Cozzy is still wobbly,  but can go out on his own. He still needs to be hand fed Rollover and boiled chicken.

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