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Scully Returns from the Dead!

In Nov. 2004, our first and most wonderful dog, Nonny Newby, suddenly got sick. Two days later he died of acute  IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolymic Anemia). It was a very traumatic experience for all of the StinkyPups.  Nonny was the kindest … Continue reading

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August = Teeth and Bones

Franken Teeth Last year, Frankie had five of his teeth pulled. The vet said he had cavities (different from human cavities), which is unusual for dogs. This July, Frankie’s breath was smelling really bad–worse than dead fish mixed with poop.  … Continue reading

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July = Fights

Perhaps it was the heat, but in July 2009 we made frequent visits to the vets. Fight(s) #1 Nutok vs. Monkey: Nutok attacked Monkey while Monkey was still on her chain.  Nutok lost. The attack most likely occurred as a … Continue reading

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