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Longer Runs

Yesterday was our first “long run” 48 miles. Temp was -22. Total hours was around 5.5. Everyone, except for Roo, did great and had energy when we got home. Roo began getting tired at around 20 miles and at 30 … Continue reading

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Rattles gets scalped

Imagine ferociously fighting over a chunk of ice with a little fat inside. That’s what Rattles and Simba did this morning. I was finishing up morning rounds with the sled dogs. Rattles was munching on a piece of ice and … Continue reading

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We’ve passed 100 miles

We’ve recently passed a total of 100 miles this season. Not to bad considering all of the trail problems we’ve had. We’re up to 12 mile runs and will start to go out twice a day (that’s four trips for … Continue reading

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Snowball is off the “A” team

We just learned today that our superstar Snowball is a “wheezer” and has unilateral laryngeal paralysis. This explains why in his former home he ran well and then slacked off– because he couldn’t breath! I’m very bummed because Snowball LOVES … Continue reading

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