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Little Snausages

We still have Bruno and Sam. For some reason we call them our little snausages…I have no idea why. We also call them little monsters– especially Sam. She is going to be a handful. She’s pretty darn cute though. If … Continue reading

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Stubby Gets to Keep her Leg!

Turns out Stubby is NOT going to need an amputation. Dr. Flemme really fixed her up. Her leg was super infected– really really nasty, but Flemme re-did what the emergency vet had done and to everyone’s surprise, Stubby regained feeling … Continue reading

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Stubs will have a Stub

It’s 99.9% definate that Stubby will have her leg amputated. Bummer. Before her leg can be amputated the infection has to subside, so we’re waiting for her infection to get better. She keeps ripping out her stitches.

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Will Stubby Live Up to Her Name?

On Thurs. June 6, the Stubster got attacked by 7-9 akitas. I’m amazed she is alive. She has puncture wounds all over her and they may have damaged her femoral nerve. She hasn’t been bearing any weight on the leg … Continue reading

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