Monthly Archives: January 2004

Hamburger Run

The Plan Today’s plan was to mush from home to Valley Center (arond 12.5 miles). Mush the 32 mile Hamburger Quest from Valley Center to Angle Creek. Camp out at Angle Creek for 4 hours and let the dogs rest. … Continue reading

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Creature of the Night

I just don’t learn my lesson. Wild convinced me to leave her in the house while I went on a 2 hour mush. 2 hours– that’s all. 2 hours isn’t a lot of time for a dog to be alone. … Continue reading

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Nothing New

Nothing exciting today. Greg took the stinkypups for a 16 mile run and I took Storm for a 7 mile skijour.

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You’re Not a Musher ‘Till you Loose your Team

The woman we purchased our house from told me “you’re not a musher ’till you loose your team.” We’ll today it happened. We were out for a 10-dog 18 mile run and 8 miles into the run we decended a … Continue reading

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