You’re Not a Musher ‘Till you Loose your Team

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The woman we purchased our house from told me “you’re not a musher ’till you loose your team.”

We’ll today it happened. We were out for a 10-dog 18 mile run and 8 miles into the run we decended a short but steep hill. The sled went off course, hit a tree, and I fell off. That was it. Bye bye doggies. I started jogging after them– but it’s quite difficult to jog in Bunny Boots. Around 1/2 a mile into my journey I saw another musher and asked if she saw my team. She didn’t. She offered to turn her team around and mush the Jenny-M trail. I thanked her and said I’d walk along another trail and we planned to meet up on the baseline trail.

Well, we never met up. It was a long walk home (well only 8 miles– but still a long walk).

Thankfully, my team ran home and everyone was safe. Greg unharnessed and fed the gang, and then he came looking for me on the 4-wheeler. He found me around 1/2 mile from home.