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Two Rivers 100 – 2012

Ilana and some of the gang ran the Two Rivers 100 this year. The race was originally scheduled for the week before, but we got a lot of snow so the race was postponed one week. The trail was great! … Continue reading

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Danny’s an inside outside guy

Around a month ago Daniel had an abscess on his side, sort of over his shoulder. I tried to drain it by aspirating it with a needle, however my effort was not successful. The fluid-like lump didn’t completely dissipate and small firm lump … Continue reading

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Chez gets the bloat

We don’t know why, but Chez got bloat without stomach torsion (aka gastric dilatation without volvulus). This is good. Many times when dogs get bloat their stomach twists (gastric dilatation with volvulus or GVD) and it’s a medical emergency. Luckily … Continue reading

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