Danny’s an inside outside guy
Danny’s an inside outside guy

Danny’s an inside outside guy

Around a month ago Daniel had an abscess on his side, sort of over his shoulder. I tried to drain it by aspirating it with a needle, however my effort was not successful. The fluid-like lump didn’t completely dissipate and small firm lump appeared. The abscess was  possibly caused by Daniel getting into a tussle with some of the other dogs (e.g., Snowball, Shrek, Rocket, et. al).

We took Danny to the vet and the hard lump we felt was fibrous tissue left behind by the abscess.  He had most of his shoulder shaved and a drain put in.

Since he had a large spot shaved, and a drain, Danny needed to stay inside. He quickly learned how to use the dog door and became a loving (cough cough) member of the family.  I was ready to keep him inside permanently, but due to his counter surfing, chewing on the furniture, and a small incident of locking Greg out of the house (Danny jumped on the door handle and locked the door), and then flooding the kitchen (Danny jumped onto the kitchen sink and turned the water on and ruined part of the kitchen floor),  Greg wanted Danny OUT.

Once Daniel got better, we put him outside with Rocket and Peetie. Rocky and Danny got into a fight, so we brought Daniel back inside. He stayed in for another week or so until Greg moved him out with Red, Monkey, and Pumpkin. Red isn’t too keen on having Danny as a pen mate, so we’ll see what happens.

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