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No more Dudley :(

Dudley was having a difficult time for the last several months. He’s had trouble walking and standing, and then he’d get better. During the last month, he wasn’t able to go on walkies and he had a hard time standing … Continue reading

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Two down, three to go

Stripe just left with her new mom. We dropped Muggle-pup off with her new family yesterday. We still have to find “forver homes” for three puppies. I’m going to miss Stripe– but I know she’s in a good home and … Continue reading

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Two adopted?

I think two of the four pups are going to be adopted. I still have mom, 1 baby boy and 1 baby girl to be placed in a forever home. Here are some more pics:

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More craziness at the StinkyPup house

Health Update: Levi is recovering nicely. Chez is a little better, I don’t think he has a brain lesion– even though that’s what the vet suspects. I know I’m not a vet, but it just seems that his breathing/eating problem … Continue reading

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