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Death Decisions

On the way home from work, Greg and I talked about Bosco‘s quality of life. He has none. He’s been going down hill for quite some time. Around a month ago, maybe more, he stopped going on walks. Then he … Continue reading

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It always happens right before we go on vacation….

We’re supposed to head to NJ next week for a family reunion. Whenever we are getting ready to go away something happens. This morning Greg woke up and found Wild laying in pee and she couldn’t stand up. Even with … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Monkey and Nutok off Together

It’s a simple rule. Don’t let Monkey and Punky off together; or Monkey and Nutok; or Punky and Nutok; or other variations of Munkin (Monkey & Pumpkin) and Nutok. The fact is that Munkin is a team that hates Nutok … Continue reading

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Wild found another life!

Eight p.m. Friday, June 13, almost exactly 8 days since Wild disappeared, the phone rang. I picked up and said “Hello.” A male voice at the other end said, “Do you have a dog named Wild?” I said, “Yes! Oh … Continue reading

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