Death Decisions

On the way home from work, Greg and I talked about Bosco‘s quality of life. He has none. He’s been going down hill for quite some time. Around a month ago, maybe more, he stopped going on walks. Then he stopped eating kibble, so we switched to wet dog food with rice and peanut butter. Last week he stopped eating the wet food. Note, that by “eating” I mean eating a few tablespoons of food. I’ve been hand feeding him for a couple of weeks. Several days ago, we switched to cat food. At first he was interested in the cat food, but not anymore. He can’t get up on his own. So, it’s time. It’s extremely sad.

We’ve had Bosco since 1996. He’s been a very good friend. I think Bosco has been lonely ever since his best friend, Nonny Newby died. I remember when he was a youngster, he liked to play with snakes and jump over streams. I wanted to name him “Jumper,” but Greg came up with the name Bosco and it kind of stuck. Because of his name, we stayed at a fantastic hotel in Venice– the name of the hotel was Boscolo de Dogi, and we picked the hotel because it sounded like it was Bosco’s hotel! When Bosco was younger, he was fond of the squeaky furry little-men toys, hence his nick name, “little-man.”

We’ll I’m going to go drag him inside so he can sleep his last night in the bedroom with us.

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