Shit Happens

And I’m not talking about poop (we’ll, not right now). Right now we have so many dogs in the house that I’ve lost count. The good news is that Jake (Radar/Chester), the mystery dog, was claimed by a friend of the owner. I liked Jake. … Continue readingShit Happens

General Update

Went for a 60 mile run yesterday; from our house to the Granite Tors parking area and back. Took a team 0f 8. Temp was between -35 to -40. The lineup was: Roo & Decker (lead) Stubby & Nicky (point) Simba & Rattles (swing; Rattles … Continue readingGeneral Update

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Puppy Karma

I was headed out for a 30ish mile mush. The line up was: Lead: Decker and Roo Point: Stormy and Frankie Swing: Asa and Higgs Wheel: Rattles and Simba As soon as I got to our access trail I saw another team ahead of me. … Continue readingPuppy Karma

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