Shit Happens
Shit Happens

Shit Happens

And I’m not talking about poop (we’ll, not right now). Right now we have so many dogs in the house that I’ve lost count. The good news is that Jake (Radar/Chester), the mystery dog, was claimed by a friend of the owner. I liked Jake. He would have made a great pet.

Levi has moved inside. Hopefully this will be permanent. He seems to have taken residence up on our bed and on Dudley’s bed. Poor Dudley was wandering around last night because he didn’t have a bed to sleep on. We told Levi that he can’t sleep in Dudley’s bed.

Roo is healing nicely; she too is inside. Last Sunday Greg noticed a huge infection in her groin area…not really her groin, but I don’t know what the name for the area is. The infection was nasty, but superficial (hopefully). She’ll be inside until it heals. Due to the location of the wound, she didn’t get stitches. We’re treating it like an open wound; keeping it clean and applying ointment. Hopefully Roo will be well enough to run a 100 mile race in March.

Now for the bad news. Stub-a-dub has a lame hind leg. We’re not sure what happened, but she can’t use it at all. we spent a few hours at the vet today and the prognosis is inconclusive. Either she had trauma to the leg and has some muscle and nerve damage, or she’s had trauma (or something else) to her spinal cord and it’s affecting her leg. We’re keeping her inside and she’s on some meds. I guess we’ll know more tomorrow…if muscle atrophy has set in it’s bad news.

Besides all of our sick and injured and retired dogs, we haven’t been out that much this week due to -40 temps. It warmed up tonight (-20), so Greg took 11 dogs for a run and I took the retirees in the yard for a 4 mile run.

Greg has been having fun at -40. He’s been throwing boiling cups of H20 into the air to see what happens—the water evaporates, but it looks like it explodes. Oh, and for the longest time we thought that after around -25 it was too cold to snow. In all our years of winter camping at sub-arctic temperatures it has NEVER snowed, that is, until yesterday—it snowed at -40.

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