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A couple of weeks ago, I heard Decker snorting at night, right before her bedtime :) Then I noticed some blood in her nose, and then some bloody/pus-bloody mucus from the same nostril (left). I asked the vet on what … Continue reading

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Can you identify the skin problem?

Sugar is having skin problems again. She’s not itching, and is losing patches of hair on her back. Hair loss is circular and black flaky skin surrounds the circumference. Update Jan. 11, 2010: I brought some skin samples to the … Continue reading

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Scully Returns from the Dead!

In Nov. 2004, our first and most wonderful dog, Nonny Newby, suddenly got sick. Two days later he died of acute  IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolymic Anemia). It was a very traumatic experience for all of the StinkyPups.  Nonny was the kindest … Continue reading

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“New Dogs” health report

We’ve been slowly integrating the new dogs with our lot.  We’ve put the new dogs in the “downtown” yard on the wheel, while our gang is in the upper “uptown” yard. During parties, when we let all of the dogs … Continue reading

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