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Newtok down, not out

Newtok (sometimes Nutok) is another blond dog who got beat up a lot in the yard. We think that once Scully moved inside, Monkey and Pumpkin thought Newtok was the same dog. Now that Newtok is inside, and Scully is … Continue reading

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Death of Scully

Scully has been sick for awhile. She had her spleen removed, has been on steroids, and has muscle atrophy. But she was in high spirits and still likes to go walking. We were away in Denali for a couple of … Continue reading

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Good weather for jogging

I’ve been jogging around our 4, 7 and 11-mile loops lately. Since it’s too warm for much mushing, and these trails will become impassable in the summertime (too boggy), it’s nice to enjoy them now, while the temps are human-friendly … Continue reading

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Asa’s Death

Asa died Feb. 17, 2010. He was being treated for fight wounds and died under anesthesia. I’m pretty sure it was a reaction to the anesthesia, but who knows.  Here’s what happened: Asa is a very difficult dog to catch, … Continue reading

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