Death of Scully

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Scully has been sick for awhile. She had her spleen removed, has been on steroids, and has muscle atrophy. But she was in high spirits and still likes to go walking.

We were away in Denali for a couple of nights, and upon return found that she had not stood for 2 days, and barely ate (our dog sitter should have called us to tell us this, but did not). We took her to the emergency vet, since one of our favorite vets was on duty. We decided to euthanize her that night, since there was no clear sign of why she had the sudden “crash,” but we didn’t think it was fair to do more testing and treatments, since she had been through so much.

Scully was a super sled dog, but kept getting beat up, especially by Pumpkin and Monkey. We moved her inside after a particularly nasty set of injuries, and she lived inside happily for a few years. One particularly valuable role is alarm clock for Ilana, helping with bits, paws and barks when it was time to get up and go for a walk.

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