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Danny’s A Conehead

When we brought Danny to the vet two weeks ago, he had a small patch of missing hair on his wrist. The vet thought is was possibly non-contagious mange and gave him Bravecto to treat mange. The Bravecto didn’t help and soon … Continue reading

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Maya Moves Inside

Since we’ve had several insiders die recently, Greg and I were talking about who should move inside. The short list of possibilities is Ahab, Spike, Nikki, Roo, Shrek, Cozzy, and Maya. I was surprised to see Greg bring Maya up … Continue reading

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Danny Has Pancreatitis; Nikki is Perfect

We brought Danny (7 years old) and Nicky (13 years old) to the vet today for checkups. Danny hasn’t been eating well, has a discharge from his eye, and has a missing patch of hair on his right wrist. Nikki … Continue reading

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Sad Post Alert: RIP Nutok & Stubby

On July 28, 2016 we took a family trip to Dr. Ann’s to euthanize Nutok and Stubby.  Euthanizing my girls was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. The both were “alive” but their quality of life … Continue reading

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