Maya Moves Inside
Maya Moves Inside

Maya Moves Inside

Since we’ve had several insiders die recently, Greg and I were talking about who should move inside. The short list of possibilities is Ahab, Spike, Nikki, Roo, Shrek, Cozzy, and Maya.

I was surprised to see Greg bring Maya up from the dog yard this morning! But here she is– comfy on the couch.

Maya on Couch

Maya isn’t much of a sled dog, and since we moved to Canada, hasn’t been eating well. We’ve had her checked out by two vets, but they can’t find anything wrong with her. She likes to eat ScienceDiet (the insider dog food) over RedPaw (the outsider dog food), but often skips meals. To make life easier for us during feeding time, she is now an insider.

Congrats Maya!

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