Maya Gets Demoted :(

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Around 1.5 weeks ago Greg and I were hooking up sled dogs to go for a run and we heard a commotion from the insiders. Spike, Myra, and Floppy were attacking Maya. We broke up the fight and Maya had a couple of puncture wounds– one on her leg and one one her thigh. She could have used a staple in the thigh wound, but it was small enough to heal on it’s own– so I left it and administered oral antibiotics for the week.

As a side effect of the fight, Spike believes she has moved up in the doggie hierarchy and poor Maya has demoted herself to the mud room. She used to be a couch potato, but hasn’t been on the couch since the fight and she barely comes inside to join the family.

Hopefully she’ll reintegrate herself soon!

Maya in the Mud Room
Maya in the Mud Room

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