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Rat Photo

Rattle’s Foot two days after amputation.

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Rattles Lost His Toe

One of Rattle’s toes was amputated today. He seems happy, despite the fact that he may never be a sled dog again. It turns out that his toe was fractured. Meds for him are cephalexin and rimadyl. We need to … Continue reading

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Spot Update

Spot is feeling much better than when we first brought her to the vet several weeks ago. Around two weeks ago I was given a liquid antibiotic to give her for her urinary tract infection. The med is called Enrofloxacin … Continue reading

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Why do they do it?

Why do dogs feel the need to attack the oldest dog in the pack? Yesterday Bosco was attacked by the sled dogs. It was pretty traumatic to watch. I think Simba started it. The next thing I saw was 7-8 … Continue reading

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