Why do they do it?
Why do they do it?

Why do they do it?

Why do dogs feel the need to attack the oldest dog in the pack? Yesterday Bosco was attacked by the sled dogs. It was pretty traumatic to watch. I think Simba started it. The next thing I saw was 7-8 dogs jumping on top of him, pulling his head and his butt. I tried to get everyone away. Eventually Bosco just lay there. I though he was dead. I managed to hook Red up, and then shoo everyone away. I got Bosco to stand up and somehow was able to bring him to the midtown yard and put him in the pen. He was covered in mud…amazingly, no blood. I finished up with the sled dogs and checked Bosco out and he didn’t appear to be injured. He had pre-existing limp in one of his hind legs, and it seems like his limp is now worse. He looked pretty confused and shook up.

Bosco didn’t eat his breakfast this morning, and I didn’t allow him to go on walkies, although he would have if I left the gate open. Last night was the first night I didn’t hear him snoring while he was sleeping; I didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t snoring. Bosco’s snore helps me to sleep.

I hope he’s okay.

The sled dogs involved were Simba, Peetie, Duke, Red, Storm, Rattles, Monkey, and others. There were a couple of spin-off fights: Monkey and Roo, Red and Higgs– but everyone seems to be okay.

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