Greg Run’s the Hamburger Run

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Greg had a great run on this year’s Hamburger Run. His time was around 3hrs and 20min, for 32 miles. Starting Team was:

  1. Lead: Frankie & Decker
  2. Point: Red & Storm
  3. Team: Monkey & Higgs
  4. Swing: Simba & Rattles
  5. Wheel: Nicky & Roo

Ending Team was:

  1. Lead: Nicky & Decker
  2. Point: Simba & Rattles
  3. Team: Monkey & Higgs
  4. Swing: Storm & Red
  5. Wheel: Frankie & Roo

The trail conditions were soft packed snow, no overflow (although before the race we were told there was 50ft of wet overflow/water that was 1.5 feet deep– good thing Greg didn’t encounter this!).

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