About StinkyPup

We’re a rescue kennel located in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Our first “rescue” sled dogs were from Voyageur Outward Bound. These weren’t really “rescue” dogs because they weren’t from the pound or in neglect situations; instead they were retired working dogs who needed a home.

In 2003 we relocated from Efland, NC to Fairbanks, AK. It was in Fairbanks where we got involved with fostering unwanted sled dogs from the pound. Ilana was unable to part with her fosters, and adopted them all!

In 2015 we relocated from Two Rivers, AK to L’Amable, Ontario. In L’Amable we adopted nine sled dogs (Ted, Jack, Moose, Allie, Axel, Geri, Chaos, Timber, Yukon) and one pet dog (Floppy).

In October 2020 we relocated from L’Amable, ON to Whitehorse, YT and are thrilled to be back where it actually gets cold!

We’re called StinkyPup because we each have our unique & special scent.

Contact us at stinkypup@gmail.com.

Greg Newby & Ilana Kingsley

Ilana and Greg selfie at Lake Laberge