Dryland Races

Today Greg and I took three dogs to Chena Lakes Recreation Area and participated in our first dryland race. Categories for dryland racing included runjoring, bikejoring, and carting. We chose to do the six mile runjor. Greg ran with Chevy and Capella. I ran with … Continue readingDryland Races

RX for Neptune, be a Couch Potato

We took King Neptune to the vet to see why he was hacking like an old man. After a series of tests, it was determined he has laryngeal paralysis. The prescription: be a couch potato. Luckily, Neppy already is a couch potato!


Tonight Nutok and Stubby came home with some quills in their snouts. We’ve seen worse, for instance my neighbor’s dog. I started to pull the quills out with tweezers and Greg reminded me that the vet uses pliers. We managed to pull most of them … Continue readingPorcupined