Dryland Races

Today Greg and I took three dogs to Chena Lakes Recreation Area and participated in our first dryland race. Categories for dryland racing included runjoring, bikejoring, and carting. We chose to do the six mile runjor. Greg ran with Chevy and Capella. I ran with Roo. The runners headed out first, followed by the bikers and the carter (there was only one carter– Lynn O.).

Greg was a speed demon and took off at a very fast pace. I  was behind him, but eventually he pulled ahead quite a distance. After running for a while I was passed by a bikejorer. I was expecting some other bikers to pass, but there weren’t any. I stopped seeing the white paper-plate made trail markers. The bikejorer passed on her way back. Then Greg passed me on his way back and told me that he didn’t see any markers and neither did the bikejorer. I continued to the dyke and turned around where Greg and the bikejorer did. On my way back I saw the white paper-plate 3 mile turn around sign.

Turns out, the signs weren’t there on our way out. They had been blown over and broken. The bikejorer found them on her way back and put them in a prominent spot for us to see. Instead of running six miles, we ran around eight.

Greg came in first, with a time of 52 minutes, Lisa S. came in second with a time of 55 minutes, and I came in with a time of 57 minutes.

It was a beautiful day to be out. The sun was shining, the temp was 30 degrees above, and it was very windy. A good time was had by all.

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