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Chevy/Spike Health Update

We brought Chevy and Spike to the vet today for checkups. Chevy Back in June we brought Chevy to the vet because he was limping on his right foot. The vet took and ex-ray and said he had bad arthritis.  … Continue reading

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Chevy Moving Inside?

A couple of weeks ago Snowball bounced out of his pen and attacked Chevy.  Chevy’s friends and penmates (Wayne, Spike, Ahab, and Luke) all joined in. Luckily, Greg heard the ruckus and ran outside to break up the fight.  Chevy … Continue reading

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Solstice 100: December 17, 2011

Greg ran the Solstice 100 on December 17, the first race held by www.trdma.org this season. Weather was excellent, with lows of -10F, and highs of 5F during the race. Trail conditions were excellent, with only very small areas of … Continue reading

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Dryland Races

Today Greg and I took three dogs to Chena Lakes Recreation Area and participated in our first dryland race. Categories for dryland racing included runjoring, bikejoring, and carting. We chose to do the six mile runjor. Greg ran with Chevy … Continue reading

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