Chevy Moving Inside?
Chevy Moving Inside?

Chevy Moving Inside?

A couple of weeks ago Snowball bounced out of his pen and attacked Chevy.  Chevy’s friends and penmates (Wayne, Spike, Ahab, and Luke) all joined in. Luckily, Greg heard the ruckus and ran outside to break up the fight.  Chevy didn’t need stitches, but his front right leg was extremely swollen, and he was on antibiotics (cephalexin) and Rimadyl for a couple of weeks.  Greg fixed Snowball’s pen, and after Chevy recovered we put him back in the yard.  After all, he is the alpha and our best lead dog.

Last night during our doggie party, Chevy got attacked by everyone.  Greg was walking Monkey, Punky, & Red, and I had just started the party.  EVERYONE was on top of him, even Moe. The only innocent dogs were the ones still in their pens (Nikki, Roo, Capella, Phanty, Zeus, and the puppies).

The incident happened in Shrek and Cozzy’s pen.  I grabbed one dog and pulled them off and threw them out of the pen. Grabbed another and did the same. And another, and another. Greg heard me screaming and ran home. By the time he came home there were only 5 dogs attacking Chevy. Greg grabbed Spike and threw her over the fence. Finally we got all of the dogs off of Chevy, who was in bad shape.

Greg immediately took Chevy to the After Hours Vet. He (Chevy) was in too much shock for them to do any surgery, they focused on getting his blood pressure up.  At some point in the night he was able to undergo surgery, and he’ll need another in a week or so. He’s not out of the woods yet and is still at After Hours. They don’t want to release him until he eats and is able to tolerate oral medication.

It’s been our experience that once a dog gets beat up like that, they will continue to get beat up. So Chevy will move inside. At least, that’s the plan.





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