Siren’s 105.6 Fever
Siren’s 105.6 Fever

Siren’s 105.6 Fever

Friday night (May 24, 2013) Siren was not looking well! We took her temp and it was 105.6. This is extremely high for a dog, normal temp is 101.  Greg took her to After Hours. After doing a bunch of tests and ruling out Parvo the doc said it was
Campylobacter.  They gave her fluids via camel back (1 liter in 10 minutes with some nifty pump) and put her on 750mg of Metronidazole (2x a day for 8 days), plus Sulfracrate.

I took Kracken and Medusa’s temps and found them to be 103 and 102.1, so they also get Metro.

This was Siren’s first vet visit and first time in the house.

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