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Lotta Kennel Cough

The two new dogs, Mo and Snowberm, brought home kennel cough from the pound. I was optimistic that our Broncozine vaccine from years past would be protection against other dogs getting it (this is just a theory. Really, you’re supposed … Continue reading

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Higgs reunited with his brother Asa

I hate death. It really sucks. Higgs‘ death is the first one for 2011. Higgs had a heart problem which was diagnosed two years ago. We think he had a heart attack today. Here’s the story. A couple of days … Continue reading

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Welcome Moe and Snowball!

My moratorium of adopting dogs ended today, with two new pups, Moe and Snowball. These dogs are supposedly three years old and from Ft. Yukon Kennel. We’re back up to 31 dogs. I can’t wait to run them tonight!

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