Lotta Kennel Cough

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The two new dogs, Mo and Snowberm, brought home kennel cough from the pound. I was optimistic that our Broncozine vaccine from years past would be protection against other dogs getting it (this is just a theory. Really, you’re supposed to immunize every year). It turns out our three second-newest dogs, Phanty, Capella and Zeus, never got the vaccine.

Nine days after the new dogs arrived, here are the stats: Evidently healthy dogs: 16. Dogs coughing: 7. Dogs exhibiting other signs of illness (such as not eating): 7.

The details. Coughing dogs include: Mo, Snowbunny, Phanty, Zeus, Rattles, Monkey-Tail, Chester, Bruno. Sick-seeming dogs: Nicki, Spike, Chevy, Duke, King Neptune (has an unrelated injury), Duchess (has an unrelated injury), Ahab.

We’re waiting for more dogs to get sick. Even the two original dogs are still coughing quite a bit. Lots of antibiotic (Doxycycline) and cough pills are going around. We have not been mushing since two days after the new dog arrival, when Snowplow started exhibiting symptoms. The worst may still be yet to come.

Update 8pm: Roo is now coughing. So is Chester. Luke didn’t eat his dinner (very unusual!). Snowshoe seems to be doing better. Neptune’s injury from this morning is looking worse. He has an eye injury and the surrounding tissues are weeping and bleeding.
Update Tuesday: Nicki not eating much, but doesn’t have a temperature. Coughing.
Update Wednesday: Simba joined the kennel cough club.
Update Thursday: Peetie and Nutok join the kennel cough club.

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