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Spot is feeling much better than when we first brought her to the vet several weeks ago. Around two weeks ago I was given a liquid antibiotic to give her for her urinary tract infection. The med is called Enrofloxacin and dose is 0.25ml in the evening. This seemed to make her vomit, so I didn’t finish the bottle.

We brought her to the vet last sat. for a checkup, and she has a yeast infection in her ears…probably due to allergies. We were given Panolog creme (a Fort Dodge product — yuk), for her ears and prednisone for her allergies. Doses are: Panalog, a small amount in each ear 2x a day, and for the pred, 1 tablet 2X a day for 3 days, then 1 tablet every other day. Tabs are 5mg each.

She’s been on the pred for 1.5 days and appears to be doing MUCH better. Her ears look better and she hasn’t vomited. She still has diarrhea.

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