Danny Has Pancreatitis; Nikki is Perfect

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We brought Danny (7 years old) and Nicky (13 years old) to the vet today for checkups. Danny hasn’t been eating well, has a discharge from his eye, and has a missing patch of hair on his right wrist. Nikki is perky and bouncy, but she’s seemed to be a little on the husky side, and we don’t feed her that much so we wanted to see if she had a thyroid problem.


Danny’s blood-work shows that he has pancreatitis, and his ex-ray showed arthritis in his spine and bone fragments in his stool– and he’s a little constipated. We don’t know what caused the pancreatitis. The vet gave us the following meds:

  • Digestive Enzymes (for pancreatitis)
  • Metacam (for pain)
  • Optixcare eye lube (for his eyes)
  • Bravecto (to treat fleas and mange)

He needs to be an an oatmeal/kibble diet for a couple of weeks.  Tonight he ate the oatmeal, but not his kibble.







The vet felt Nicky’s waist/ribs and thought she was fine– she wasn’t “a little husky” as Greg and I had thought. Due to her being healthy, eating well, and at a good weight, she said we didn’t need to do a thyroid test, but could check her kidney/liver/pancreas levels.  According to the vet, her blood-work is “perfect.”


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