Newtok down, not out

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Newtok (sometimes Nutok) is another blond dog who got beat up a lot in the yard. We think that once Scully moved inside, Monkey and Pumpkin thought Newtok was the same dog. Now that Newtok is inside, and Scully is dead, it’s sometimes doesn’t seem any different.

Monkey and Pumpkin can now be free in the yard together. For the past several years we only let one off at a time, since together they would beat up Scully, then Newtok. They might beat up Roo (who is not blond!) next. We’ll see.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a massive fight, with Newtok getting badly torn up. Capella also got injured, but we just put her on antibiotics. Greg was out jogging 11 miles, so wasn’t there to help. Our past-neighbor Mike King was in the neighborhood, and helped load Newtok into the Jeep so she could go to the emergency vet.

Newtok got staples, rather than stitches, and has a lot of shaved areas. We decided to let her stay in the house, which she is adjusting to nicely. Since Scully died just a few days later, this will probably be permanent.

Newtok is not (yet) a good alarm clock for Ilana, and is generally a mellow dog. But she does like to go on walks, and gets along well with the other dogs.

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