Wild found another life!

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Eight p.m. Friday, June 13, almost exactly 8 days since Wild disappeared, the phone rang. I picked up and said “Hello.” A male voice at the other end said, “Do you have a dog named Wild?” I said, “Yes! Oh my god, you found her? Is she dead?” The guy said, “I have her right here with me. She’s lying in the field, no, she’s not dead.” He told me he was in the field across from the Church at Kaufman lane, around 23 mile CHSR. I told him I’d be right there.

Chester and I drove to find her. I wasn’t sure what field he was talking about, so I knocked on the first house across from the church on Kaufman (this was the little cabin that Greg and I considered buying). No one answered. I looked at the field across the road, and saw some guy standing there. I waved and drove over.

He said he found Wild while he was looking for his dog (a black pit bullish type of dog). I told him that I thought she was dead and that she’d been gone for a week, and that she was really old. He said that she’s quite deaf, because she was wandering across CHSR and he called for her to watch out. I guess perhaps cars were honking at her and she was just staggering across the road without hearing anything, and once she got across she lay down in the field.

I thanked him profusely; he and his dog wandered off, and I walked Wild to the car. She let me pick her up without biting me.

She’s totally fine. She’s hungry and lost a lot of weight, and she’s quite dirty. But she’s home and she’s safe, and she’s tired and cranky. I don’t even think she knows she’s been gone. It’s wonderful to have her home!

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