More craziness at the StinkyPup house
More craziness at the StinkyPup house

More craziness at the StinkyPup house

Health Update:

  • Levi is recovering nicely.
  • Chez is a little better, I don’t think he has a brain lesion– even though that’s what the vet suspects. I know I’m not a vet, but it just seems that his breathing/eating problem is an airway thing. Maybe allergies. He has to get some bloodwork done.
  • Bandit and Wild both have lumps…we have appointments to bring them into the vet.
  • Chester is hopefully tapeworm free– we dewormed the entire yard with Panacur. He needs to get his urine checked to see if he still has a UIT (urinary tract infection). I think he’s better because he no longer has a 105.8 fever!
  • Spot the cat is FAT! I wish she had her own floor instead of her own room. If she had her own floor, she’d get more exercise. She has a vet appointment for a check-up, and because she’s losing hair.
  • Dudley is really really clueless– more so than usual. He’s been peeing in the house, on his bed, and didn’t want to go for walkies tonight :(

Now comes the crazy part. I was jogging up CHSR and saw a lady on the side of the road. I asked if she was okay and it turned out she was guarding a momma and her 4 pups. Another concerned citizen was walking up to Anne’s house to see if they were her dogs. He was going to take the dogs to the pound since he couldn’t find the owner. I said, “Oh, don’t take them to the pound. My husband will kill me, but I can hold onto them until we find the owner.”

We loaded up the pups in his truck and drove back .5 miles to my house. We put them in the pen and I went out for a jog. When I got to .4 miles from my house I saw a box on the side of the road. The box contained a blanket, bone, and dish. I knew that the dogs were abandoned.

I ran up Bote St. to see if I could find the woman who was guarding the dogs on the road– she told me she lived on Bote. I didn’t find the woman, but I found another pup. The pup was crouched up against a garage of a nice woman’s house. I didn’t think the pup was related to my pups because it was brown and seemed bigger. The woman said she was going to ask the neighbors if it was theirs, and if she couldn’t find the owner then bring it to the pound. I left, and continued on my jog.

When I got home I examined the pups and decided that the other pup was definately part of the litter. Today I left a note at the woman’s house. Hopefully she didn’t bring the pup to the pound. I want to bring the pup back because I think it’s too early to be away from it’s mom.

So now I have 5 new dogs. I’m hoping that some people from work will adopt them.

Ilana in the crate holding 4 pups. Momma-pup is next to me.


  1. gracielayne

    Hi crazy kid. We are at Caren’s and she says try rescue lab america. They might even pay for shipping.
    Vic, her lab, was chosen by a family in Lake Placid (the previous family returned him because he was to big)
    We are going to Jayme’s third memorial service tonight. Bob flew up with the two sisters.\

    We are leaving tomorrow. Your father had to show us how to log in. We thought it was to complicated.

  2. Being the “concerned citizen” referenced above, I congratulate you on your tenacity and compassion. Kudos to your husband, too, for his patience. I suppose if the animals had to be abandoned, Two Rivers could not be a better place. Lots of us dog lovers. I only regret having a full household and no room for more dogs (or cats). Surely some kind folks will take them off your hands when the time is right. Anyone who sees the the pups will fall in love immediately. Good luck!

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