Rattles gets scalped

Imagine ferociously fighting over a chunk of ice with a little fat inside. That’s what Rattles and Simba did this morning. I was finishing up morning rounds with the sled dogs. Rattles was munching on a piece of ice and Simba wanted it. I had another piece in my hand to give to Simba, but he couldn’t wait and a fight broke out between them. Simba was on top, then Rattles, then Simba, I was yelling at them to stop and throwing ice chunks at their heads, but they were locked onto each other. There was no way I was going to be able to break them apart without getting bit, so I waited for a break and grabbed Simba when I could. Rattles had a huge gaping cut over his left eye and Simba was bleeding, but I’m pretty sure it was blood from Rattles. A trip to the vet resulted in stitches. The doc said it was worse than it looked. Simba scalped Rattles on one side of his head. Rattles managed to pick day where it’s below -30 to come inside. I don’t have before picture, but here’s an after:

Rattles Scalped


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