Maude Knows What to Do!

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Maude injured her left back toe pad. It’s possible she hurt it on the Gin Gin, or possible she hurt it in the dog yard. The wound was pretty nasty (sorry I don’t have a pic), and she ended up getting the entire toe-nail removed. We’re lucky that the toe didn’t need to be amputated.

When we first brought Maude into the house we put her in a crate. One day, Greg let her out and forgot to put her back into the crate, and she immediately made herself comfy on some of the blankets on the floor, and soon after, migrated to the couch! She learned how to use the dog door in two days. She’s extremely smart. Right now she has a cast on and needs to stay inside for the next ten days. I’m not sure if she’ll return to the dog yard!

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