Longer Runs
Longer Runs

Longer Runs

Yesterday was our first “long run” 48 miles. Temp was -22. Total hours was around 5.5. Everyone, except for Roo, did great and had energy when we got home. Roo began getting tired at around 20 miles and at 30 I put her in the sled. Note, she decided she didn’t want to run anymore while going down hill (Jenny M), and it was a challenge to stop on a down hill slope, but we did it.

The route we took was Ratstack to Mullen Slough and then I trusted in “dog” and Chevy and Nikki led me through the maze of Two Rivers trails to the road crossing at Rosehip Campground. We turned around at Twin Bears– which was somewhat of a fiasco and the dogs ended up in a big knot. We took the Baseline (instead of the slough) to Jenny M and down the third turn.

The line up was:

  • Chevy & Nikki (Lead)
  • Ahab & Roo (after 30 miles it was Ahab & Moe) (Point)
  • Capella & Shrek (Team)
  • Phanty & Zeus (Team)
  • Snowball & Moe (after 30 miles it was Snow & Roo except when she sat in the sled)
  • Spike & Luke (Wheel)

Wow. I graduated to 12 dogs in these conditions. What was I thinking????

When I came home from the mush, Greg had moved the dogs to the downtown yard. :)

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