A Stinky Update
A Stinky Update

A Stinky Update

  • May 8: It’s 33 degrees fahrenheit/0.5 degrees celsius and snowing!!!!! This makes Ilana very happy.
  • April 28: Moose visited the vet in Barry’s Bay for sudden urinary incontinence. The night before he was leaking, and Ilana woke up in a puddle (Moose sleeps next to Ilana). His urinalysis was okay but not as concentrated as it should be for a 6 year old dog, so he was put on Proin for 15 days.
  • April 19ish: Bear and Stella moved inside. This makes Bear cub and Stella cub very happy. Bear learned to use the dog door in less that a week. Stella still has not learned how to use the dog door and shows no interest in learning.
  • April 18: Cozzy is feeling better. A couple of weeks ago he was diagnosed with vestibular disease. He’s still a little wobbly, but is eating well and is back to his winning personality.

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