Goodbye to Beautiful Cozzy

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On May 27, 2022 we said goodbye to our beautiful and wonderful friend Cozzy.

We adopted him 2012 and had high hopes for him being a super sled dog. Instead, Cozzy turned out to be an alligator. An alligator is a dog who lunges at passing teams and this is not welcomed by the musing community. Cozzy’s last run as a sled dog was in Two Rivers. He lunged at another team and the musher didn’t like this and hip checked me off of my sled (read This is Not Roller Derby). My team was missing for 4-6 hours! After this incident, Cozzy retired from being a sled dog.

In 2019 Cozzer moved inside due to health issues. It took him a while to adjust to inside life, and when we moved to Whitehorse he really became part of the family as an “insider.”

He had two episodes of vestibular disease (doggie vertigo)– which was super scary for his humans. In Oct. 2021 his health started declining and the vet put him on prednisone. We called pred the “death drug,” because in the past, for us, once a dog goes on prednisone they don’t hang around for too much longer. Cozzy rallied for seven months– which is really good!

Cozzy absolutely LOVED his bone-bone and he loved to join in the howl fests.

We will miss our lovely Cozzygator.

Art work of a Cozzygator
Art work of a Cozzygator


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