The Tipping Point: Cozzy Moves Inside

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Cozzy has officially moved inside (as of Nov. 28, 2019).

He had a tumor removed from his left arm and we brought him inside for his recovery.

Since he’s not an active working sled dog, I decided to keep him inside. He’s still adjusting, but has learned how to use the dog door. He’s a very sweet boy.

With Cozzy inside we now have 11 dogs inside and 10 dogs outside.  Note– as I write this Medusa is on a trial run for being inside so we actually have 12 dogs inside and 9 outside.

For a fun story about Cozzy, read This is Not Roller-Derby.  I think this was the last time we Cozzy ran as a sled dog due to his alligator tendencies.

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