Stinky Health Update
Stinky Health Update

Stinky Health Update

In March, after we found out that Danny and Nikki both have abdominal tumors things were quiet for a bit. This past week it seems like we’ve been to the vet a lot. Here’s the update:

  • Danny & Nikki are still with us. Sometimes they eat, sometimes they don’t. They are having more good days than bad days right now.
  • Maude went to the vet last week because she had a lump on her face. Luckily, it was just a cyst. The doc trained the cyst and it hasn’t returned yet.
  • Medusa went to the vet last week due to an eye tag that was pushing on her eyeball. She had a lot of crud in her eye. The doc said she may have an infection and/or dry eye, and he gave us antibiotic eye drops for the infection and an ointment for the dry eye. We brought Medusa back for a check-up yesterday and the crud is better. She is scheduled to have the eye tag removed tomorrow, July 26, 2019.
  • Shrek went to the vet last week because he hasn’t been eating very well and has diarrhea. Turns out he has an abdominal tumor.  We are giving him metronidazole and probiotics. There’s nothing we can do for him :(
  • Cozzy went to the vet yesterday because he has a lump on his arm near his elbow and hasn’t been eating well. We did bloodwork and took ex-rays. The bloodwork shows that he is anemic. His red blood cell size & color are light. He may have an iron deficiency. The doc said we can give him a multivitamin with iron. His kidney levels are borderline high, and could cause anemia. His globumin is high, and this might be due to dehydration, or maybe to his arm tumor. Thyroid is ok, but low normal. Depending on urine analysis, might put him on a renal diet. We need to collect a urine sample.
  • Mira went to the vet last week and due to them being super busy, we brought her back this week for an ex-ray of her left knee, as she has been limping. The ex-ray didn’t show anything, so we’ll keep her on Rimadyl.

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