Cozzy Gets Vertigo Again
Cozzy Gets Vertigo Again

Cozzy Gets Vertigo Again

  • Friday night, March 5, 2021, Cozzy didn’t eat dinner. This is quite unusual.
  • Sat., March 6, 2021, Cozzy is wobbly, can’t really stand on his own, and his eyes are darting back and forth.

If this didn’t happen before, I would have been totally freaked out; however Cozzy previously had an episode of vestibular disease in April 2020. We only had 1/2 a tablet of Cerenia (anti-nausea medicine for dogs), so I called our local vet who is closed over the weekend. They agreed that it probably was vestibular disease and that it wasn’t an emergency. I could give Cozzy the 1/2 tab of Cerenia on Sat., and then on Sunday give Gravol (a human motion sickness pill), and on Monday drive into town for a vet visit.

Cozzy and Ilana drove to the vet on Monday, and she prescribed six days worth of Cerenia. The recovery process for this disease is slow, and two weeks later Cozzy is walking okay, still a little wobbly, and is still not eating that well. He’ll eat some canned food and Rollover, but not kibble.


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