Snowball is forever free from pens and chains
Snowball is forever free from pens and chains

Snowball is forever free from pens and chains

May your free-roaming soul never be caged again” — Emily Culhane, former Stinkypup handler.

Snowball was a climber and a jumper.  Usually he didn’t go anywhere when he got free– he’d just hang around the house. One time our neighbor saw him across the street at our handlers cabin.  Greg and Snowy had a game going on. Greg would fix the fence and make it higher, and Snowball would figure out how to escape.  During this last round of the game, it took Snowball around 2 weeks to figure out how to escape the fortress that Greg built.  The fence was around 8 feet high and folded over to make a top.  Somehow Snowball was able to jump and climb out.

The tragedy happened May 14, 2013. I was driving home from work and got to around 13 mile where I saw a trooper with flashing lights. I checked my speed– and wasn’t speeding, but when I passed the trooper he pulled me over. I had no idea why. He walked up to the car and asked my name, “Ilana,” I said. “And your last name?” he said. “Kingsley,” I replied, “Do you want to see my ID?” “No, Ma’m,” he said, “I think this is your white dog that was hit by a car.” I said, “Are you sure it’s mine?” He said, “You’re tag is on it’s collar.”

He told me that they had been up to the house and no one was there, and they let a note for me. As he was talking the second trooper who was returning from my house pulled up.

We walked over to the dead Snow. I verified it was him. They said someone had hit Snowball at around 13.5mile CHSR and didn’t stop. Someone else stopped and dragged him to the side of the road, and I guess called the troopers. I was crying and cursing and didn’t know what to do, so I asked the trooper if I could give him a hug– he let me.

They offered to put him in a body bag, and I accepted their offer. They put the bag into the Jeep next to my groceries. I thanked them. I texted Greg “Emergency” and drove home. Greg came home from school early (he was in class), and we were sad together.

Snowball was a really great dog. He was very bouncy and had a wonderful personality. He was a pound dog that we got from a musher who lived in Ft. Yukon.  He is greatly missed.


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