Sad Day for the Stinkypups

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June 5, 2013 marks a sad day in Stinkypup history; We “put Chester to sleep.”  Three months ago, Chester was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma in his front left leg.  Our options were euthanize him immediately due to excruciating pain or amputate the leg and try chemo. We opted for the latter. After the leg was amputated Chester felt a lot better and was going on walks and hopping around on three legs. His good feeling didn’t last too long. On May 22, we brought him in for his chemo treatment and told the vet that he was slowing down a bit– breathing heavily and occasional coughing. She took an ex-ray and found the cancer had metastasized to his chest.  We opted not to give him chemo that day, because it wasn’t going to cure him.

Chester was a one-of-a-kind dog. We had many good times with our loyal friend and miss him so much.


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