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Snowball is forever free from pens and chains

“May your free-roaming soul never be caged again” — Emily Culhane, former Stinkypup handler. Snowball was a climber and a jumper.  Usually he didn’t go anywhere when he got free– he’d just hang around the house. One time our neighbor … Continue reading

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Solstice 100: December 17, 2011

Greg ran the Solstice 100 on December 17, the first race held by www.trdma.org this season. Weather was excellent, with lows of -10F, and highs of 5F during the race. Trail conditions were excellent, with only very small areas of … Continue reading

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Snowball is off the “A” team

We just learned today that our superstar Snowball is a “wheezer” and has unilateral laryngeal paralysis. This explains why in his former home he ran well and then slacked off– because he couldn’t breath! I’m very bummed because Snowball LOVES … Continue reading

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Snowpuss comedy break

It sounded like a moose, with all the dogs excited and looking at something. When it turned out they were looking into the dog yard, I went to investigate. Our escape artist extraordinaire, Snowman, had tried to scale out of … Continue reading

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