Snowpuss comedy break
Snowpuss comedy break

Snowpuss comedy break

It sounded like a moose, with all the dogs excited and looking at something. When it turned out they were looking into the dog yard, I went to investigate. Our escape artist extraordinaire, Snowman, had tried to scale out of his pen by climbing on a swivel plus chain.

I found him with the chain looped tightly around his middle, him hanging with his ass up in the air, trying to climb the adjoining fence. Roo, on the other side of the fence, was trying to bite his feet through the chain link.

Ilana arrived home just then, and I managed to pull Snow up to get the swivel out of the post. She held him while I used bolt cutters to cut the chain. He was so tangled, I couldn’t untangle the chain from around him. Snowy is the idiot of the day.

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  1. Stinkypup

    I came home to find Greg outside with bolt clippers ready to cut the chain around snowball free. I have no idea how he got tangled since he wasn’t attached to the chain. It was tied in knots around his midsection. Thankfully he wasn’t injured!

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