First run of the season
First run of the season

First run of the season

I don’t know how other mushers can mush when it’s this warm. I just went for my first run at 52 degrees (wind and no sun). Team: Nikki & Chevy (lead), Ahab & Shrek (point), Roo (swing), Luke & Spike (wheel). Everyone was excited to go and we hooked up and left the yard with little incident.

My neighbor told me that she was moving the sheep, so I figured it was safe to mush on the field. Ha. I got to a turn in the field and 5-6 loose sheep– were coming toward me. The sheep weren’t even on her property. I stopped the machine and cursed many times. I was able to turn the team around, but turning a 500lb ATV is without hurting the team or myself was challenging , but do-able. We trotted home.

Spike looked like she was having a hard time. She was in wheel position and took the brunt of the force when turning around. I think she had minor heat exhaustion. I’ve seen it before with Peetie. ¬†When overheating the dogs tend to stumble. Spike jumped in the baby pool, but was stumbling and had her back left foot turned over without noticing. I put the gang away, gave everyone raw hide, and tended to Spike with an ice pack and ice cubes.

I need to stick to my rule. No running dogs unless it’s 40 degrees or below.

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