7 mile runs

We’ve been taking out the sled on 7 mile runs across the bumpy tundra.  The sled is better on my body than the 4 wheeler, but there’s a nasty 90 degree turn I take almost immediately out of the yard. The turn is difficult to negotiate and today a almost went for a drag.

Team “A” is Chevy (lead), Ahab & Shrek (point), Spike & Luke (team), Snow and Moe (wheel). Team “B” is Nikki & Roo (in lead– once they learned how to “haw” out of the yard), Phanty & Zeus (point or team), Capella & Daniel (team), Bruno &  Simba (point or team, and even once in lead!!).

Chester usually runs free with Team “B,” however today he had difficulty keeping up. He’d run run run run up to the front of the team and then slow down; and then run run run run run run run as fast as he could up to the front, and then Nikki and Roo were like, dude, get out of the way. I let him ride in the sled  for a bit; he enjoys being captain.

Decker is still with us.  Her nose is bleeding as I type this. I gave her an ACE which worked very quickly, so she’s somewhat sedate, but is snorting a lot.

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