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Decker 2003 – Aug 9, 2012

Decker has gone to be with her “Not Forgotten” brothers and sisters. She was diagnosed with nasal cancer a year ago, and lived her last year with a tumor on snout which increased in size every couple of weeks. As … Continue reading

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7 mile runs

We’ve been taking out the sled on 7 mile runs across the bumpy tundra.  The sled is better on my body than the 4 wheeler, but there’s a nasty 90 degree turn I take almost immediately out of the yard. … Continue reading

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Blood everywhere

I came home Monday (Sept. 26) to find Decker in a puddle of blood from her own nose. There was a lot of blood and she must have been bleeding for a while. Every time she breathed she sprayed blood … Continue reading

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Cat Scan for a Dog

Last night at around 4:00pm I headed out toward the expensive side of town to meet the doc who was going to perform Decker’s cat scan. While I settled the bill, the vet techs inserted a catheter into Decker’s arm. … Continue reading

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